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This page serves as a doorstep to another series of important revelations regarding SRVUSD's extensive record of nonfeasance, misfeasance, and malfeasance over the years — in this case, the District's perversely corrupted "Equity" programs.  Note that there are presently three subpages.  At least one more will be added, presenting background research and expert opinion focusing upon how insanely counterproductive the "LGBTQ+" programs are.   

This "Equity" Program exposé introduces sub-page segments which examine SRVUSD's extensive indoctrination of students:

(a) in Critical Race Theory (CRT, though they generally try to avoid calling it what it is); 

(b) in "LGBTQ+" identities and gender-bender activism, including two staff members' "experiences of queering the classroom";

(c) in a "Queering the Classroom II" page with a timeline of SRVUSD's indoctrination/subversion in "LGBTQ+" politics.

(d) in even SRVUSD's grading policy and practice.

Below: introduction to a Nov. 2020 seminar led by SRVUSD staff personnel for the "National Council of Teachers of English."  Notice that they described "their experiences of queering the classroom."

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" asked the Roman poet Juvenal.  Who will guard the guardians themselves?


Like other school districts around the country, SRVUSD is aware of increasing resistance by parents and other citizens to the "woke" indoctrination programs which are frequently displacing academic studies these days.

Likely as an intended work-around, SRVUSD is implementing a new program that can augment the District's existing brainwashing programs.  It's called "MEDIA LITERACY." 

The problem is that the same administration and like-minded, CTA-unionized teaching staff which has shamefully subverted history and civics lessons with
ertly racist "anti-racism," which is pushing "LGBTQ+" story-book read-alouds at even kindergarteners and pornography in high school libraries, will be the ones who decide for kids which media is allegedly truthful and balanced.

Real Clear Politics has posted a helpful article which parents and older students are well advised to read and consider as the kids are exposed to SRVUSD's continuing propaganda campaigns, now with questionable  instruction in "media literacy" layered on top.  These classes will very likely make use of the usual suspects in misreporting and underreportin
g to take further advantage of impressionable young minds. 

SRVUSD has repeatedly exposed itself as an out-of-control indoctrination machine, dangerous to young minds, hearts, and souls.  Those who care about the kids in SRVUSD's charge will work to limit the damage.

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