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SRVUSD data for CAASPP testing shows worrisome performance drops, especially in SRVUSD's middle schools and high schools (where ideological intrusions are most intense), and particularly in mathematics.  See the individual school data, below the District summary.  Data below shows pre-COVID lockdown 2018-19 and post-COVID lockdown 2021-22.

SRVUSD Data, CAASPP, Individual Schools

Note: SRVUSD average math-testing drop-off was 5.46 percentage points (i.e., from 77.51% to 72.05% "Met or Exceeded Standard for Math).  But some schools' performance was far worse.  Among the worst:  SRVUSD Middle Schools and San Ramon Valley High School. 


Charlotte Wood Middle School dropped 14 points; Stone Valley Middle School dropped 12 points; SRVHS also dropped 12.

True to form, Charlotte Wood and Stone Valley are already on the leading edge of SRVUSD's "Grading for Equity" rollout.  They've initiated a grading scheme introduced by a Stone Valley Middle School teacher who herself has eliminated Ds.  She reports online to her NEA/CTA/SRVEA comrades that "Students can now turn in assignments late and redo work."

This "Grading for Equity" scheme was introduced in more general terms at SRVUSD's "Equity Summer Institute" in July 2022, in a presentation which included the following slides.  Once again, the allegedly "white supremacist society," "white privilege," and "implicit bias" are the motivating factors for SRVUSD's overtly racist "anti-racism" programs.  So SRVUSD continues turning over its curriculum, and now its grading, to balkanizing racial activists (and reverse racists).

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