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For starters here:  Site visitors may want to review salaries and benefits for those employed by SRVUSD.  See the relevant Transparent California page.   The figures shown there are for calendar 2021; these will in many or most cases already have increased by the end of this year.

And as of the October 18, 2022  SRVUSD Board meeting, teacher salaries were increased by another 8.5%, retroactive to July 1.  An additional one-time payment of 1% of annual salaries as of November 1, 2022 is being added too.  Some benefits (e.g. payments into retirement funds) will have increased proportionately as well.

Traditional laborer contracts are considered to involve 250 employment days per year ( = 50 weeks, 5 days per week — but counting holidays and sick days in the total). 

So keep in mind while looking at the Transparent California salary and benefit numbers linked above (and now going significantly higher) that SRVUSD's upper level, central office administrators have contracts which begin with only 225 employment days per year, including holidays and 15 sick days (which accumulate if unused).   

School-site administrators (assistant principals and principals) have annual contracts ranging from 193 to 218 employment days.   Teacher contracts are ordinarily for just 186 employment days per year. The relevant summary table is copied for convenience below.

This page will be adding more information regarding benefits packages.  Meanwhile, site visitors may wish to review SRVUSD's agreement with its San Ramon Valley Education Association (SRVEA, the teacher union). 

Outstanding teachers and administrators (those who work successfully, year after year, to inculcate students with academic knowledge and beneficial skills) earn what they're paid, perhaps even more.   

Those who instead misuse their positions of trust to indoctrinate boys and girls (young men and young women) with racialist animosities and radical political biases, or who push sex-and-gender confusion and revolution, don't deserve even a fraction of the lucrative compensation packages they receive.  But [no]
thanks to teacher unions, teacher pay scales have nothing to do with merit.  Pay depends only on how many years a given teacher has been in place and how many credit hours he or she has amassed.  

Teacher Salaries (186-Day Employment Year, 9 weeks Shorter Than for Most Labor Personnel) 

Lots of highly skilled people who work a regular 250-day employment year would be happy to receive what SRVUSD teachers are paid for an employment year that is only 186 days in length  in other words, 64 days (9 weeks) shorter!

And that's before considering SRVUSD's expansive benefits.  Those will soon be enumerated here as well.  

The + 15, +30, +45, + 60, +75 column headings are a reference to semester hours of credit over and above the basic bachelor's degree.  The credit hours often consist of silly "professional education" courses and Marxist indoctrination 
the kind of counterproductive and sometimes subversive material which then appears in SRVUSD's "Equity" programs, force-fed to captive-audience classrooms.  The STEPS in this "Step and Column" chart represent the longevity of the teacher, e.g. Year 1, Year 2, etc.  And these are school years, not calendar years.  

All of SRVUSD's salary schedules, from superintendent to "miscellaneous" categories are posted and available at this page.

Employee Benefits: 

Medical Benefits:  Kaiser Individual/Family Plan Plus Dental & Vision Coverage
Sick Leave Up to 10 Days per year, Accumulated without limit; may be used for child-bonding leave
Bereavement Leave and Other Personal Necessity Leave:  Up to 7 days.
Retirement STRS Pension:  as much as 2.4 x years teaching x highest annual salary
Term Life Insurance up to $100,000
Disability Benefits

Union President: full-time release, with the union reimbursing SRVUSD only for temporary substitute pay.
Union Representatives: 45 release days per school year, with same reimbursement policy.


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