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Pornography in SRVUSD's High School Libraries
(and Twisted East Bay Times Reporting)

What began as a plea for LGBTQ tolerance has become a demand for LGBTQ porn. 

A foolish and dishonest young East Bay Times reporter, herself a 2016 Monte Vista High School graduate, filed two stories (here and here) on the Feb. 21, 2023 SRVUSD Board meeting. “More than once,” said the first of those articles, “board members paused the meeting because of outbursts from audience members, some of whom brought signs reading, Latest SRVUSD Scandal: Pornographic Books in the District’s High School Libraries.’”  

The signs were large and small versions of the one below.  They were displayed  by those opposed to pornography in SRVUSD’s high school libraries. Those opponents sat quietly when not speaking directly to the SRVUSD Board.

The outbursts (jeers, catcalls, shouts) were those of the porn supporters, not the opponents.
Rachel Heimann Mercader, the “reporter”/propagandist, was seated herself at the meeting in a part of the room from which she could readily observe who was doing what, so one would expect accurate reporting on who caused the outbursts. 

Rachel Heimann Mercader in college

Called on that 180-degree reporting error, Mercader said initially that she would issue a correction — but then reversed herself, saying that “since it’s a grammar issue” and only one person complained, there would be no correction. 

So much for what passes as East Bay Times “journalism” these days.  A juvenile opinion writer can masquerade as a news reporter and leave recognized lies in place. 

Quoted “LGBTQ” students and activist Board members became Mercader’s proxy for voicing her editorial complaints about “banned books,” a galloping hypocrisy which the Times has cynically ridden for more than 30 years. 

The East Bay Times and its component predecessor papers has/have shrieked repeatedly about “book-banning” parents and community members, while refusing itself/themselves to publish the text and images which have generated the complaints. 

Another double standard involves SRVUSD’s own Policy 4119.21, part 5, which says that inappropriate employee conduct includes “possessing or viewing any pornography on school grounds.”  But it’s supposedly OK for high school libraries to make porn available for 14-year-olds? 

And how further ironic it is that were a stranger in a park to hand materials like Let’s Talk About It (see below) to a 14-year-old high school freshman in a park, the offending individual would be subject to arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment, under California Penal Code §311 and related sections.  

But “educational materials” are exempted; so behavior that looks and smells like grooming in schools is typically protected by the teacher-union political grooming of legislators with campaign dollars and organizing

Allison Hussenet, meanwhile, the Dougherty Valley High School librarian who spoke on Feb. 21, “explains that school librarians are rigorously trained and thoroughly investigate whether each book they add is student-appropriate.”  One wonders:  of what does their alleged “rigorous training” consist, and what would ever be considered inappropriate

Hussenet and other SRVUSD librarians cite the American Library Association among supposed validating authorities, though ALA opposes ANY restriction of library material based on age or content. The other porn boosters these librarians quote are essentially libertine-librarian echo chambers.

Inappropriate material isn’t limited to SRVUSD's high school libraries.  “Queering the classroom,” a program self-description by District “LGBTQ+” activists here, pushes homosexual and transgender-themed read-aloud picture-story books at children in captive-audience TK-5 ELEMENTARY classrooms. 

One rationale advanced by SRVUSD's porn promoters has been that "LGBTQ students need to see themselves in textbooks and library books."  So they need to see themselves as maniacly sex-crazed adolescents who should research porn on the internet and engage in sexting besides...?   Sensible parents (and teachers) disagree.

When contemplating SRVUSD administrators and a majority of the SRVUSD Board of "Trustees," one wonders further, like the rescuers in Lord of the Flies, "Are there any adults — any grownups — with you?

The grossly perverse content of these pornographic books, each found in two or more of SRVUSD’s high school libraries, is exposed by  Click on a book for the BookLooks detailed summary.
his is extraordinarily raunchy contentBut it's in SRVUSD's high school libraries.  

This Teen’s Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a Human is an illustrated manual for a wide variety of sexual activities — all of which the book encourages, while it offers tips.  Readers are also told that “A great place to research fantasies and kinks safely is on the internet!”  “Sexting” is recommended too: “Sending or getting a wanted saucy something from a partner can be the highlight of your day. It's thrilling, sexy, and fun- a way of saying ‘you turn me on, hot stuff’ or ‘let's get turned on together.’”  Perhaps even SRVUSD personnel can agree that these are not good ideas to recommend to teens.

The text and the illustrations are explicit.  A few of the many illustrations are shown at the end of the linked summary.  This book is present in at least the Cal High and Monte Vista libraries.  

This Book Is Gay is a similarly raunchy book, in this case a how-to book for homosexual activity — sodomy and otherwise.  This book is in at least three of the high school libraries:  Cal High, SRV High, and Monte Vista High. 

It seems to represent someone's warped notion of "equity," which has become the SRVUSD watchword for irresponsible distractions from the central business of schools:  the teaching and learning of knowledge and skills.  Ideology often replaces those requirements.

At page 182: in All Boys Aren't Blue: “This is likely the hardest chapter I'll ever write. And frankly, I'm not even sure if it fits with the themes of Blackness or queerness or critical race theory in this book — nor do I really care.” 

That’s the problem with SRVUSD librarians and those who endorse their bad decisions: they evidently don’t care about reasonable standards for what they place before young readers.  Their loyalty is given instead to
American Library Association (ALA) and its no-restrictions depravity.  This book goes on, page after page, to describe occasions of oral sex and sodomy involving the young narrator, in graphic terms.  The book is in all four high schools.  It's author, naturally, is now ALA’s chair for its “Banned Books Week.” 

Lawn Boy is a crude sexcapade story about derelict and degenerate behavior.  The book is included in at least the Cal High, Dougherty Valley High, and San Ramon Valley High library collections. 

Gender Queer is  autobiographic book which pictorially describes the sexual musings and misadventures of a disturbed young woman.  All four high school libraries have this book. 

SRVUSD Librarians and others take cynical advantage of high schoolers' stirring to become adults who challenge restrictions on their behavior and desire to take on the world by pushing the perverse notions which accompany ALA's "Banned Books Week" -- wherein obscene books are all the rage these days. 

The Cal High Library's display for that week is shown.  See how the kids are being alienated from their parents and driven into dark corners they don't understand in "Parents Push to Ban LGBTQ Books" (i.e., like those above), an Oct. 13, 2022 article in Cal High's student newspaper -- and in a similar Nov. 9, 2022 article in the Dougherty Valley High School Newspaper, "Queer Students Threatened by Rise in Book Censorship."  

Consider one example from the books shown further above.  Even those depraved individuals who consider Let’s Talk About It and its explicit pornography (text and illustrations) somehow to be appropriate for high schoolers (including 14-year-olds and perhaps a few 13-year-olds) should be concerned at some of the book’s recommendations. 

It advises, for example, that “A great place to research fantasies and kinks safely is on the internet!” SAFELY?

The same page encourages teens to “do your research!  Look up interviews with your favorite porn performers, go the sites they recommend, and pay for your porn.”

Additionally, “sexting” is promoted as “a wanted saucy something from a partner” that “can be the highlight of your day. It’s thrilling, sexy, and fun,” and a “long-distance act of intimacy and trust.”

It's also illegal, for adults and teens, even in California.

It is well established that the brain undergoes a ‘rewiring’ process that is not complete until approximately 25 years of age,” and that adolescents are risk takers — often dangerously so — before they have the means to be accountable for results of risky behavior.

Further, consumption of pornography during teenage years can readily cause maladjustments of personality and other psychic and behavioral pathologies. But the presence of pornography in school libraries implies adult endorsement.


The rationale expressed for presence of this book in at least two SRVUSD libraries is that LGBTQ+ kids “need to see themselves” in books available at school.  But the activities recommended here are dangerous. If this book’s contents represent how kids (“LGBTQ” or otherwise) see themselves, the kids are already in deep trouble, worsened by SRVUSD.

The prime directive in education should be the same as in medicine:  First, do no harm.  If parents want to pervert their own kids and harm their development, then let THEM place this dangerous drek in front of THEIR kids.  But leave the rest of us — i.e., other taxpayers — out of that degenerate behavior.

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