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Psychosis [sī-kō-sis]:  a major mental disorder, characterized by a disintegration of personality and delusions which lose touch with reality.

That separation from reality fits the SRVUSD problem in particular.   There is much to report, and much to be noted in response to SRVUSD's related actions and inactions.  This page is just getting started.... 

In November, 2020, Country Club Instructional Coach Korby Saunders and then-Principal Christy Glaser (who is now employed by the Contra Costa County Office of Education) discussed “their experiences of queering the classroom” in a presentation for the “National Council of Teachers of English.”  Below is a copy of the NCTE program guide for that presentation [arrow marker added]:

Just two months later, Saunders transmitted an email in which she claimed that even TK (transition kindergarten) children (i.e., 4 and 5-year-olds) have a right to conceal alleged sexual orientation or gender identity from parents/guardians, and that teachers are to uphold such “rights.”  Redactions are those added by SRVUSD: 

That policy is confirmed in the SRVUSD Board’s Administrative Regulation #5145.3.  That regulation utilizes misleading boilerplate language from the California School Board Association (CSBA).  The same language has been incorporated by school districts up and down the state, utilizing the same AR 5145.3 policy designation.   That regulation is part of one district's behavior which Southern District of California Federal Court has characterized as causing "a trifecta of harm."

So understand what this means: SRVUSD personnel believe they can manipulate and co-opt impressionable children (including even those who are just learning to tie their shoes) in captive-audience “queering” classrooms — and then can conceal kids’ supposed new “gender identities” or “sexual orientations” from the kids’ own parents

It should be obvious to Superintendent Malloy and his highly compensated “cabinet” of other administrators — who routinely claim that parents are their “partners” — that Saunders, Glaser, and other staff members who’ve promoted LGBTQ politics have abused both the authority and the privilege delegated and entrusted to them by parents and other taxpayers. 

To assist in understanding Transgender Psychosis, is causes, and its facilitators, the following resources are provided.  This listing will continue to be expanded so long as SRVUSD employees continue to promote or enable age-inappropriate gender-and-sex material in captive-audience classrooms — and to obscure or conceal such activity from parents, or otherwise to usurp/subvert the authority of parents, the educators’ supposed “partners.”

The Transgender Leviathan is an informative introduction to the magnitude of the problem nationwide.

A short preview of this important analysis by the American Principles Project is available.

And an Executive Summary is available too.


The full 2022 report includes extensive references.

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